Strange Recital podcast features Chapter One of Locus Amoenus

This month the Strange Recital features Ben Jorgensen reading Chapter One of Locus Amoenus. Following the reading, the show hosts, Tom and Brent, interview Victoria Alexander about writing that novel and working on the sequel.

“As you drive northeast through Dutchess County in upstate New York, farm scenes strike calendar poses: leaning barns, well-tended white Victorians, winding roads tunneling through overhanging maples.”

A pastoral paradise… but is there something dark under the surface? Troubles in America manifest in the personal. Let Hamlet tell you about it.


3 thoughts on “Strange Recital podcast features Chapter One of Locus Amoenus

  1. Daniel Brown

    Tori, thanks. I enjoyed the reading and the interview. I was, as I recall, a pre-publication purchaser of “Locus Amoenus.” I was unaware that you have continued your commentary on the subject. How can I access it?

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    1. VN Alexander Post author

      Hello Dan. Thank you for your continued support/interest! I added the link to the Strange Recital podcast. Thanks for pointing out that the link wasn’t easy to find. Oops. FYI, the full audiobook of Locus Amoenus is not available for purchase right now as Ben Jorgensen passed away recently and I’m re-negotiating the rights so that the proceeds from sales will go to a fund that his mum is setting up. But if after you listen to the Strange Recital podcast, you decide you want to listen to the full audiobook, you can download it free here


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