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It’s news in Amenia when a local novelist starts thinking about writing.  Over salads at Four Brothers Pizza in Amenia, I chatted with fellow novelist, Steve Hopkins, about my plans to continue the story line of my 2015 novel, Locus Amoenus. That book is a satire about a 9/11 widow who remarries and her son Hamlet becomes depressed.  You get the idea.  I think of the new work as a Hamlet Part 2, or possibly Covid-1984, or Covid 9/11, or some other such satire in the posthumous style.

Seeing my plans in print, I’m committed now to writing it. In fact, the work has begun. Thank you, Steve, for getting me started.

George Orwell’s works seems rather too relevant these days.  But his Winston Smith is unlikable, without wit or irony. He is not funny.  This tragedy needs some dark humor. And a happy ending.




5 thoughts on “Hudson Valley News

  1. tmichelae584ca77a

    Actually now that I have read the entire Hudson Valley News article, what Naomi Wolf is doing dovetails right into the novel you are planning to write. This could be fodder for the imagination of this new book.

    I don’t want to sit on the sidelines any more Tori. I need to work and work with every ounce of energy I have. Again if you have contact information for Naomi Wolf, can you share that with me.

    I do not want to see the future that some say lays before become our daily reality. I am not like Elon Musk who says if you can beat them join them. That is the worst kind of cop out I can imagine. He presumes he can’t beat them so he doesn’t have to rise to the occasion, that is just laziness. This so called done deal really isn’t set in stone yet, the tide can still be turned.

  2. forestree

    Hi Tori! Locus Amoenus was excellent. I look forward to the new book. Sounds very timely!! Continuing fascism of the medical industrial complex must be confronted and stopped now, before it is too late!! Wishing you all the best!!

  3. VN Alexander Post author

    It’s good to test out the title on my readers. I can sometimes be to subtle with a title, for instance using an archaic Latin term. Covid-1984 is too obvious but I will have no explaining to do.


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