Hudson Valley Currents

I have long been interested in monetary policy in general and local alternative currencies in particular.   In Locus Amoenus (2015) I wrote about an imaginary community in upstate New York that created an alternative economic system.  As I begin to write part 2 of the Locus Amoenus narrative, I note with pleasure how life imitates art: such a community now has started in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley Current (HVC) was founded by Chris Hewitt who came out to Columbia County a week ago to talk with a group of Columbia County residents about joining their barter system. I have studied many local currency systems, and I have to say, I liked what Hewitt had to say.

I now am a member of HVC. Here’s my page.  I’m mainly offering a consulting service that would be useful for local parents who want to home-school their kids but don’t think they are qualified to do so. (Every loving parent/guardian is.)

I am also making all my books available for purchase with currents.

Part of my interest in this is to help create or revitalize regional arts and literature.


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